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Maximum five power conditioners on a single port. Also it supports analog devices (4-20mA) which measures generated electricity, solar radiation, and temperature.

Several ports and complicated wiring in all-in-one. It is revolution of size. (Several ports are all in one enclosure. No more complicated wiring. It is revolution of size.)

Able to collect data from two RS-232C ports with max of five power conditioners(same model only). Connecting with data-logger enables monitoring analog signals(4-20mA): generated electricity, solar radiation and temperature.

All the wiring fits in a small box.

Two monitoring screens and five user-provided content screens scroll automatically at any intervals you like . JPEG or BMP format images are available in user-provided content screens. In addition, annual data report screens can be displayed.

Monitoring, data downloading and changing of display settings are possible by remote control. (the screens on the web browser differ from that on the large display)

PC version setting-tool installed in USB memory enables changing function settings

At least three years of data can be saved in USB memory. Data is easy to check using Excel(CSV). Furthermore, graphs and ledger sheets can be output using the PC version of Solar Link (Laplace format)

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  Solar Link ZERO-485(RS-485入力対応) Solar Link ZERO-232C(2系統入力対応)
Small Terminal Specifications Model Armadillo-240 (Atmark Techno)
Processor EP9307 (Cirrus Logic): core CPU: ARM920T
System Clock 200MHz
Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Serial Port RS-485: 1 port/USB2.0: 2 channels RS-232C: 2 port /USB2.0: 2 channels
Image Output 800x600 (full color), RGB: D-sub 15 pin (mini)
Size W115.0xH81.0xD35.0mm W83.0xH58.0xD24.3mm
Power Supply AC100V (using AC adapter )
Power Consumption 1.5W (normal operation)
Operating Temperature 0-60℃(USB memory and AC adapter: 0-40℃)
Weight Approx.140g Approx. 70g
MTBF 100,338.9h ( approx 11.5 years: Ta:25℃, cal. Based on MIL-HDBK-217F)
OS Linux 2.6
Enclosure Specifications Size (standard)   300x300x140 (mm)
Inside Components(standard) Small terminal, AC adapter Small terminal, AC adapter, signal converter (RS-485 to RS-232C)
Feature Function Screen Contents Two data contents and five user-provided content screens(*1) .
For option, automatic rotating content is possible(*2).
Annual data report screens can be displayed. Sign displayed in case of inverter trouble.
Data Monitoring By each power conditioner(*3) and data logger (M-system: R1 or R3) By each power conditioner(*3) and data logger (M- system: R1 or R3). Two ports monitoring(the same model of power conditioners).
Data Capacity At least three years of data can be stored in USB memory(4G).
Data Format CSV format and Laplace format
Remote Control Function Current generated electricity can be monitored on Web browsers. Data-downloading is available in CSV format. Web browser needs to be applied to Internet Explorer Ver.7 and Ver.8.
Data Sending Function Able to send collected data to our rental data collection server. (*Server is an option)
Data Saving Items Daily CSV, monthly CSV, annual CSV: Total generated electricity of all power conditioners and failure time. Detail CSV: Saves data of each power conditioner.
Setting Function Via USB memory: Monitoring and screen content setting.
Via LAN: Screen content
Three basic screen content is preinstalled. User-provide screens can be changed depending upon user's purpose.
Display interval is the same for all content. No exception.
We cover most home and industrial power conditioners. For further information, please contact us.