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Solar Link ARCH real-time remote monitoring.
We offer an ASP service capable of comprehensively managing information on systems installed at remote locations such as 'mega-solar' systems or systems installed in several different locations such as rooftop lease systems.
Users can easily check on their power generation systems without actually going to the site.

We offer 4 service plans and 2 option plans according to what it is you are monitoring.
* Internet connectivity is the responsibility of the customer and must be prepared prior to starting ASP service contract.


Optional screens / Customizable screens fit to the system.


 ■ Basic Functions

  1. 1. Power Profile Graph

    This graph displays the daily AC Power trend on a minute-by-minute basis.
  2. 2. Data Display

    This screen shows AC Energy, Irradiance, and Temperature data in graph and table format.
  3. 3. Data Download

    Download monitoring data in CSV form.
  4. 4. System Error Log

    Check the log of errors and recovery information between monitoring devices and the server, and download it in CSV form. Email alerts can be sent when errors are detected.
  5. 5. Inverter Detailed Information

    Displays detailed information for each inverter.
  6. 6. Inverter Error Log

    Check detailed information on errors and recovery in inverters, and download it in CSV form. Email alerts can be sent when errors are detected.

 ■ Optional Functions

Performance Analyzer

Detect errors through 2 methods of analysis, and receive on-screen and email notifications.
Inverter-level and string-level performance analysis.
  • Analysis method 1

    An error is flagged when power output drops while irradiance is normal.
  • Analysis method 2

    Past performance data is continuously compared with current irradiance to benchmark
    current performance in real-time.
    The "performance index" is the ratio of actual energy output compared to estimated output;
    errors are determined by comparing this index to pre-set threshold values.

performance analyzer image

Web Camera

Install and use a web camera to monitor surroundings and maintain site security.

web camera image

Inverter Control

Send stop requests to the inverters through the monitoring device.

AC Distribution

AC Distribution Panel information can be displayed on the System Dashboard. Error Logging and email alerts can be enabled for the AC Panel equipment and devices.

AC Distribution image

String-level Monitoring

String-level summary and detailed information, as well as error status are shown. Detailed string data can be downloaded.

String-level Monitoring image

Group Monitoring

Several monitoring sites can be grouped together and monitored as a group.
* Several group screens can be grouped together into an upper-level group and sorted.

Group Monitoring image


Independent third-party applications can acquire Solar Link monitoring data using the API feature.
* The requestor sends a request to Laplace’s server at a URL that we specify. Our server then responds by sending the requested data back to the requestor as a response in XML format.

PR Screens

PR Screens display monitoring data using visually appealing animations and graphs. This optional solution is appropriate for public kiosks, building lobbies, educational institutions, etc. We also provide customization services based on your specific needs, for an additional fee.

Group Monitoring image

Solar Link ZERO Terminal and Solar Link Viewer collect Inverter operating status and other important information relating to PV System performance, and sent through a secure internet connection to our cloud server.

ZERO Terminal is recommended in the following situations:

  • When comprehensive and flexible real-time monitoring is desired, and when local monitoring is not needed or practical.
    → ZERO Terminal is a robust monitoring solution, designed for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple PV systems and sites is required.
    → ZERO Terminal is compact, and multiple units are easy to deploy & configure.
arch system structure Example
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Viewer is recommended in the following situations:

  • When PC-based local monitoring and display, and web-connected real-time monitoring is desired.
    → Viewer provides powerful display content.
arch system structure Example
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System Dashboard

System DashboardData Display ScreenInverter Detailed InformationInverter Detailed InformationPR screen graphPerformance Analysis Graph Screen

* We offer no operation guarantee under other environments.
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 (32-Bit/64-Bit)
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer8~11 / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox
Misc. ・Installation of Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher
・Connection to the Internet