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Supports inverter monitoring as well as status monitoring of Power transaction meter or AC distribution.
Monitor up to 3 systems through one small device*.
Remote monitoring is made possible by sending monitoring data to a hosting server (contracted with us) over the Internet.
We've implemented optimal functions in monitoring terminals for remote monitoring of mega-solar systems by supporting up to 10 inverters and improving durability.

* A total of 3 inverters and/or power meters.

Specification List
ZERO Terminal Unit Specifications Model SLZ-T-II
Processor Freescale IMX257
System Clock 400MHz (CPU core clock)
Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Serial Port RS-485 I/O port×2 , RS-232C I/O port×1
Image Output None
External Dimensions W162.0×H97.0×D35.0 mm
Power AC 100V (dedicated AC adapter used)
Power Consumption 5W (during standard use)
Temperature Range of Use -10 to 60°C (without condensation)
Mass Approx 250g
OS Linux 2.6
Contents Contents ZERO Terminal Unit , AC Adapter
Function Overview Table
Data Management Save Location Laplace System Hosting Server
Data Format CSV format
Measuring Number Of Inverters Connected Maximum of 10
Measurement Target
  • Types Of Inverters (please ask us about supported models)
  • Remote I/O (M-System Co., Ltd., R3 series)
Screens Types of display screens
* When using Solar Link ARCH
  • Top Monitoring Screen
  • Inverter Overview Screen
  • Trend Graph Screen
Browsing Through Local Lan "Solar Link ARCH Intra-Version" monitoring solution can be used in an internal intranet environment.
* Not compatible with remote monitoring and presentation system "Solar Link ARCH"
Over Internet Remote monitoring and presentation system Solar Link ARCH

ASP service is short for "Application Service Provider" service and it is a mechanism that allows us to provide the services you desire through a web browser over the internet. Operation status and other information of an inverter acquired by the Solar Link ZERO Terminal installed in a solar energy facility is accumulated on a hosting server (contracted with us) through the internet. This information can be displayed through a web browser on a PC or other device connected to the internet as a "Remote Monitoring Screen."

Example Screen
Top Screen

Graph Screen